Thank Crunchie It’s Friday


Phew, already at the  end of  first week back to school for the boys and work for Mr JP who must be enjoying the sunshine this afternoon after a week outside in the rain bless him. As for me, well back to “doin’ nuffin'” just the way I like it, even my mojo had been playing hide and squeak all week!

Bong’s been doing exams and promises himself that he’s doing his best, Bear has been, well more bear than ever and now wears his blue fedora for school as he likes when people look at him – not bad for a shy boy but then I wear sunglasses a lot, often on my head so maybe that’s where he got such a masshoove wild streak…

Poppy has missed everyone and most nights I’ve crept and slept downstairs to snuggle my crying lonely doggy,  last night Bear came down and they looked so cute snuggled up.  Jelly’s been teasing her and having to be rescued, silly cat, gotta luv ‘er, naughty minx that she is.

I’ve been feeling a bit lost too, shh don’t tell them, our 3 nights away seems a long time ago but totally worth it,  I think Mr Jp has some daft pickies of me sat on a Skoota outside an Italian Restaurant but we didn’t really take many pickies this year, , makimg memories is more fun than taking selfies.

I’ve been playing about with this new website, I deleted my business one as I can no longer put in the time due to cooties making the  OT say “only 10 minutes crochet a day”, what am I supposed to do with that? I wondered morosely, well after a few weeks off I know she’s probably right because after about 2 minutes I can feel that pains whipping back in where I try to pretend there is none but that doesn’t mean I  like putting my crafts way or that I’m going to admit it to her.

So what’s a gal to do, I have a beautiful yarn stash sitting giving me sad looks… I thought about finishing off my projects and using the rest to make things to give away to local hospitals and charities, of encouragies fab yarny, crafty people to help, of community projects where everyone crochets/knits/sews a square, we sew them together, we choose a charity and they auction it for their funds but I’m not sure how much physical crafting I can do, it needs thinking about, I cannot ask anyone to do something I cannot do myself.

So Friday teatime finally puts in an appearance, I Will Survive is playing on the radio, otherwise all is peaceful for the next 10 minutes. I’d love a Double Decker never mind a Crunchie, Bong bought me one the other week and it was wonderful, make it last 3 days in the fridge – can you believe it – amazing stuff! Three days!
So yes thank Crunchie, welcome to my bloggy nonsense, there will be themed bloggles as soon as I think of something – anything – interesting!  I will make pages with free pattern links etc as I come across then and links to amazing ideas and how to’s but for today it’s a waffle, and now I’m away… catch me if you can!

Sparkly lovely bubblies

Missy Mazii xxx