Missy Mission

JellyPoppy is my little dream, like a happy balloon floating in a sunny sky.

Recently my OT told me only 10 minutes crafting a day, she’s also said to walk my gawgus Poppy doggle I should drive her to the beach, open the car door and let her run, like that’s ever going to happen.

So as instructed (for my own good, as I’m told I’m a wee bittie poorly) I closed my happy little business, gave most of my materials away and for the first time ever-rr do not have a function apart from housefiancee and mum (as I feel downside up I’ve decided I’m a “Wow” as mom upside down is wow), anyhoo I desperately want to do something so I need to find ways to type, sew, crochet, ect that are more comfortable and allow me to create again.

So it’s onwards and upwards, determination will find a way; high heels and umbrella optional.  I’d like to make things for my home and friends but also as donations to local hospitals and charities and I wonder about the timescales involved so the only thing to do is start and do the best I can every day.  Maybe one day people will donate their unloved excess yarn so I can carry on.  Ooh I say, sounds like an old film Carry On Crafting, hmm little unhinged but still good.

So I suppose this is really about being stuborn and determined and starting over regardless, mwaaaahahaha, don’t worry I got this…

Imagine reaching joy and steer towards it