Hello and a Huge Welcome to My Little JellyPoppy!


I’m so pleased you’ve found our lil ol’ corner of t’inernet.

Big changes for JellyPoppy this year, I am no longer allowed to craft for hours, so we can no longer run as a small business.  This left my poppets feeling a little lost and my yarn stash feeling unloved and sad.  It’s ok though there is a plan.

We are going to use up my yarn stash making things for around our own home and gifts for new babies and toddlers that our hospitals  and  local charities can pass on as Surprise Smiles.

Hopefully by the time the stash is cleared people will be donating more yarn and we can make more Surprise Smiles.

Want to join our fun? I will soon be posting free patterns and links I have found that you will be able to us